About E.I.M.

Excellence in Media is a 501C3 non-profit organization which has a long history in supporting the media and has over the years helped change many people’s lives. The interests of the company have lately shifted to the teachings of a healthier lifestyle through our outreach classes, programs and a new resource website called Kale University. This site is not an accredited University but is a valuable community resource with content ranging from food and fitness to meditation and happiness.

Kale U. is a branch of Excellence in Media and is dedicated to empowering and teaching our communities about better healthy eating, exercise and connecting with other like minded people who are also seeking a healthier lifestyle. Our Kale U. site is organic-vegan encouraged and is also an open source site allowing people from all over the world the opportunity to contribute and submit articles, videos and classes.

We invite you to continue learning more about Excellence in Media.

Most cordially,
Kenneth W Dorr,
Excecutive Director of Excellence in Media