“I think I’m too young to be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award but I thank you very, very, very much. This is the 8th year of the Angel Awards and during the last eight years, I haven’t done anything different LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE and now HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN. I can only ask one question, why haven’t I received this award every year? I’m the strange product of a Jewish father and a Catholic mother. My mother was anti-Semitic and my father wasn’t really that thrilled with Catholics. So my belief in God is a very, very personal one.”

“I love this organization. This is nothing but a positive organization and to be honored by your organization touches my heart and touches it deeply. I acknowledge that there is a God. I’ve been an actor for 32 years and I thank God on a daily basis for allowing me to avoid work.”

Frequent Co-Emcees and Presenters of the Angel Awards “We are honored to serve Excellence in Media again. Today there is so much vulgarity that has come to characterize the popular entertainment industry. Television is the most powerful medium in the world, but like all means of communications, it can be used for either good or evil. Today once again we take the opportunity of encouraging and rewarding the very best in all fields of the media.”

“Thank you for this Gold Angel and for all the work you are doing for mankind. I guess I’m here because ethics matter, and family matters and because of these awards, we’ll keep it this way. Remember to keep your loved ones close tell them how much you appreciate and love them and how much they mean to you because you won’t have them forever.”

“I am deeply grateful for this award. We are grateful that Mary Dorr has used her talent to help bring greater virtue into the communications of the world each year. We are all proud of the work that she is doing and we thank her, her trustees and volunteers.”

“People of strength and courage and tenacity have stood here before me and received Gold Angels. I am so honored and humbled to be among them. We stand for what we believe in. I thank you so much for this Lifetime Achievement Award.”

“Thank you so much. I have been asked two questions. First, where am I from? I’m from war-torn Northern Ireland, Derry. Secondly, do I believe in Angels? I can truthfully say I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Angels along the way. America has been very, very good to me. I am so blessed to be a part of such a fine program as TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL, which hopefully encourages and inspires those who view it. Thank you for the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Gold Angel for the series. I am thrilled to be taking them home.”

Executive Producer of TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL “I’ve always credited Excellence in Media as being the one that sort of “saved” TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL and got it into its 2nd year.”

“We have been with you year after year in saluting the very best in the communications field. We’re proud of the students that are here on scholarships from Excellence in Media because they will be the future writers, producers, directors, actors, musicians, anchors and they were selected because they want to uphold high values in their work.”